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Chennai School of Music Therapy

Taking Traditions to Clinical Practice

Veleer Erp Advisory and Consulting

Who can join?

 Musicologists, Musicians, Psychologists, Medical Professionals, Special Educators, Music Educators, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists,  Alternative and Complementary therapists, Sound engineers and/or  any bachelor degree holder/diploma holders after completing higher secondary who has a passion for music and want to integrate music  and medicine in their work to enhance quality of life of the patients/clients with whom they work with in everyday life.

Strong communication skills in English (both written and spoken)  is important for joining the course as  the medium of instruction of the course conducted is  English and requires the students to participate actively during online class room discussions. 

However, candidates who wish to transfer  to the one year Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy course after completing CPMT necessarily to have a bachelor's degree to meet the eligibility criteria for the PGDMT program


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