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Students Testimonial

Ramya Ramakrishnan
I have done my certificate course in Music Therapy from the Chennai School of Music Therapy. I enjoyed the course and learnt quite a bit of nuances of music when it comes to its applications to handle real life health related issues. The classroom interactions, the assignments, the case studies were all very helpful in getting a hands-on experience and first hand information on the therapy techniques to be adopted for different issues, their pros and cons, the soft skills and the personality traits to be acquired by an aspiring music therapist. It's a must to do course for aspiring music therapists to learn the nuances from experienced faculty like Dr Sumathy mam, Dr Vaishali mam and their team. I thank the CSMT for this opportunity.

Suma Bharadwaj
I recently completed my 6 month certificate course with CSMT. This is one of the best ways I utilized my time during lockdown. The whole program is very well structured with a lot of insightful discussions at the end of each class. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sumathy Ma'am, Baishali Ma'am and Dr. Krishnan Sir for sharing their knowledge and helping us explore other facets of music. I wish to take up the internship program in Pondicherry soon. I definitely recommend this program for anyone who wants to become a music therapist but do not know where to start. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity to study at CSMT.

Bhuvana ramesh
I did my PGDMT in CSMT and confidently vouch for the training received. It is a small package with a larger perspective towards scientific aspects of music therapy. CSMT has a group of highly qualified faculties giving the best of training. It is professional, scientific and gives a realistic picture of what can and cannot be achieved in music therapy from where we are in India.The global view of music therapy can also be experienced within this training institute. It is a one stop shop for anyone who wants to be a certified professional music therapist in India. Dr. Sumathy Sundar, the Director of CSMT has been my mentor and guide ever since I joined the course and she has been the person to bring me to the place I am right now. I am working as a faculty in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth in Pondicherry and currently a Ph.D research scholar in the Center for Music Therapy Education and Research. She paved the way for me to complete Masters in Medical Music Therapy and for my PhD. Anyone who has gone through this training will be able to practice music therapy with utmost confidence in a hospital/rehabilitation Center/school for children with special needs. I was able to do an intensive 6 months internship training as a part of this course in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute and experienced doing research which is nearly impossible for any student within the course of one year in most other countries.

Jean Rodrigues
I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy at the Chennai School of Music Therapy with an interest to work with children with special needs. Today, if I have reached to this level whereby with music therapy I can assist children in special education settings, I can best assure that it is the result of Chennai School of Music Therapy, which serves as a unifying body for music therapists: promoting, developing, and supporting the profession of music therapy in the country. It was a wonderful experience and during this course, I began to understand how music effects the mind and body and with creation of success Ėbase activities, a therapist can address developmental skills and also can build up a personís self-esteem and feed their spirit. CSMT is a supportive community of faculty and staff, who are experienced at teaching and working with adult learners. Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Director of CSMT was a great guide from the beginning to the end of the course and also during my internship at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Pondicherry. CSMT sets high expectations for students and also at the same time provides a cooperative environment. As a result I am able to assist in special education settings.

Vikram Kannan
I completed my post graduate diploma at The Chennai School of Music Therapy. The experience gave me a completely fresh perspective on music. I highly recommend the course to musicians who are looking at branching out from performing, and with a keen interest in using music to make a positive change to peoples lives. The course will be extremely helpful for medical professionals as well, to understand the science behind music and how it can be incorporated within medical care.The faculty are extremely skilled, experienced and patient. The course is well structured and the classes were very interesting with regular and very insightful discussions. The best part of the course is the internship at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Pondicherry, where I was working alongside Doctors within varied medical settings, with patients in a real time setting. Dr. Sumathy Sundar, the director of CSMT is highly regarded within the global music therapy context. She was my guide and supervisor through the course. She is very dedicated to her students and makes sure that the teaching and training is extremely detailed with an emphasis on evidence based practice. I am now confident of conducting music therapy sessions within different settings - hospitals, schools for children with special needs, old age homes, community settings. My experience at CSMT laid the foundation to start my career as a music therapist.

Pradeep Chitnis
I completed my post graduate diploma in music therapy at the Chennai School of Music Therapy. I came into this course as a musician and performer with no medical background. The course gave me an in-depth scientific understanding of how music effects the mind and body and the different ways in which it can be applied within a wide range of healthcare settings. The faculty are extremely skilled and approach teaching the subject through a global perspective, as well as taking into consideration the ancient cultural forms of music healing in India. Dr. Sumathy Sundar was extremely supportive and was an excellent guide through the course. She instilled a confidence in me that has helped me start practicing music therapy in Mumbai. I highly recommend Chennai School of Music Therapy because of its amazing faculty, the in-depth curriculum and intense practical experience in a medical setting.

Ashish Kasbe
The PGDMT course I did at CSMT helped me a lot while working with patients in actual and I was able to implement the things I learned during the course effectively. Iíve to say that this is why CSMT stands distinctly different as it provides the education and training which is absolutely to the point and pure vocation oriented. Not waiting for opportunities to come on its own, I was able present confidently to the authorities of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital to create a music therapist position quickly in the Department of Physical Medicine and Neuro-Rehabilitation. This was immediately after completing the course and now I practice evidence based music therapy with a multidisciplinary team working with different population including patients diagnosed with non-progressive brain disorders and children with special needs. Thanks to the intensive training provided by Dr. Sumathy Sundar and her efficient team of faculties.

Jenita Caren
Being a speech therapist and musically skilled, I wanted to integrate music therapy in my work and was looking for music therapy courses. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Sumathy Sundar, the director of Chennai School of Music Therapy and with my experiences I can say it is the best place for students/professionals to learn and grow in the field of music therapy. Dr Sumathy Sundar is a genuine person who aspires to popularize evidence-based music therapy through out India and also encourages students/professionals who are interested in music therapy to gain expertise in the same.

Stephen Philip
CSMT has opened up a way for Music Therapists to be trained within India, and offers training in a hospital setting as part of their internship, which can be an illuminating experience for those interested in pursuing this discipline of study.

Samay Ajmera
I did the PG course in 2016. It has changed my life forever . Because of this course I am able to pursue a successful career in music therapy. The approaches to music therapy are up to date to what's been taught in top universities abroad. The director of the course Dr Sumathy is extremely positive and kept motivating me to move forward and learn more. The course teaches you all the methods and theories behind music therapy and provides you with a platform to access several relevant research papers. Music therapy is a complex field , to explore and study this field correctly it is extremely important to have the right guidance, and that's exactly what I received in this coure.If you want to pursue music therapy in India then this is definitely the place .

Jyoti Sharma
I have completed the 6 months certificate course from Chennai School of Music Therapy (CSMT), Chennai and one month Observership program at Center for Music Therapy Education and Research (CMTER) at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Puducherry). I had a wonderful theoretical and practical experience during the course and Observership. The certificate course is so well structured and the faculties are also experts in their respective subjects. Dr. Sumathy Sundar has set an example in the field of Music therapy nationally and internationally. She explains the topics very effectively and I really learnt a lot. I had an immense exposure in different departments in the hospital and in field. Definitely, CSMT has given me directions towards my career and boosted my confidence.

Sumithra Rao
I recently completed the 6 month online CPMT( certificate program) with Chennai school of music therapy under the guidance of Mrs. Sumathy Sundar. When I entered the course I didnt know what I am going to be learning. But after 6 months I can tell that getting into the course was the best decision I ever made. It was an excellent 6 month filled with learning so many new things. Its a great package filled with so many theoritical concepts of music therapy. All faculties are very friendly and open to questions and discussions anytime. To be specific Sumathy ma'am's interactive class was always I was looking forward to. It really gave me an opportunity to realize my "SELF". I can say that after the 6 month period I am totally a different and better person in terms of the knowlegde and general living.

Ranjini Varma
I recently completed certificate course . It was really a great experience. Modules were really informative and beneficial. I'm in to this field since 10 years. I was doing music therapy according to my ideas. But this course gave me the idea of scientific method. Teachers like Dr.Parin sir, Baishali Ma'am were very nice. They were very supportive. And never said no to any of my doubts.. Bhuvana Ma'am helped a lot to get the idea of the course , teaching method software functioning etc at the time of starting. Our beloved teacher, Director of the school Sumathi Sunder Ma'am was the one who brought us to the track.. Her classes were excellent ! The most interesting part was the discussion time. She always comes on the video and that gave the feeling of being in a real class room. Overall the course was fantastic.. I would like to do internship when my situation allows. Thank you so much Sumathi ma'am for the knowledge and confidence that you gave

Madhu Subramaniam
Having recently completed a 1 year PGDMT course under Chennai School of music therapy, this has been a life changing and a career changing positive experience. This center has helped me shape up my future career path in ways I have always been dreaming of. Highly recommended where you not only learn under the guidance of highly knowledgeable faculty members, but also get a chance to get practical experience of working with patients and seeing how music is used as a powerful tool to connect with a common man.

Janani Narayani
I am a current student of Chennai school of Music Therapy doing my 6-month certification course. I must say, this is the best decision I have taken so far. Before enrolling, I did have a lot of questions in mind, but trust me, I can now confidently say that the course has given me an abundance of knowledge and information, be it, music therapy foundations, how is music therapy different from healing, psychological concepts, traditional healing practices, physiology and music therapy applications in various fields. The course is vast, highly structured and well planned with the faculties - Dr.Sumathy Sundar, Dr.Baishali, Dr.Krishnan and Dr.Parin being experts in their areas. Our director Dr.Sumathy Sundar is highly dedicated, experienced and patient and she makes sure that everyone of us understands the concepts. All the sessions are interesting and highly interactive. I look forward to the reflections at the end of each session especially during Sumathy mam's classes where each and every student gets an opportunity to reflect on what was being taught during that session. The assignments on every module and the videos played make this course the best.! It is no less than a face to face classroom session. Since music therapy has a scientific approach and is evidence-based, there are many beautiful sessions on these scientific concepts. This course from CSMT will definitely give a different perspective to music. Also for those who can dedicate another 6 months, PGDMT course is highly beneficial with a lot of practical learnings during the 6-month internship training at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical Institute and Research Centre, Pondicherry. Music therapy is the need of the hour. And I highly recommend CSMT for those who aspire to become a good music therapist and those who wish to bring in some positive changes in society through music.

Anju Vijayan
I have completed Certificate Program in Music Therapy and currently doing internship at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Pondichery. In fact, It is a great opportunity here. Experience and learning that I am exposed to is more than my expectations. Students are provided with rich clinical experience and theoretical knowledge by experts in the field. Application of theoretical knowledge is very important in every field and Chennai School of Music Therapy provides a platform for that. Well structured syllabus is one of the best part of CSMT, which includes multiple disciplines. All the classes in different disciplines made me realise that, for being a better music therapist, it is important to be familiar with different subjects. Assignments and projects given for us is the best way for improving self learning skills. Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Director of Chennai School of Music Therapy is one of the best mentors. Dr. Sumathy has been successful in providing a good structure for the organisation and she is one of the best facilitators I have ever come across. Chennai School of Music Therapy is the best institution in India for learning music therapy.



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