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Chennai School of Music Therapy

Taking Traditions to Clinical Practice

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 Music Therapy in India  develops  as a health care profession as a complementary therapy under the ambit of integrative medicine,    where music is used within a therapeutic relationship by a qualified music therapist to improve physical, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions of individuals or groups or communities. Contemporary music therapy practice, education and research integrate traditional healing practices in an evidence based manner.  
Music therapy practitioners in India use multiple methods and styles integrating traditional music healing practices and alternative treatment approaches, using music as a tool. There is not much of a clarity between the music as  medicine approach and the music therapy approach emphasizing the therapeutic relationship. The various music therapy techniques apart from the listening experiences are not still known as there is lack of training.  The music medicine methods have proved therapeutic benefits in the regulatory approach researches, but the most important aspect of music therapy being  both regulatory and relational  is  established firmly by CSMT. 

Chennai School of Music Therapy revisits Indian healing traditions and transfers them into modern Music Therapy practice, education and research based on evidences through regulatory and relational approaches in methodologies. The school has introduced the first professional hybrid training programme in  India  with an aim to offer a  high quality academic program with the state of art training solutions and the participants undergo the highest level of professional training in Music Therapy. CSMT students undergo internship training at the Centre for Music Therapy Education and Research Center, SBV,  Pondicherry or at the Cancare Foundation, Taramani, Chennai or Virinchi Hospitals, Hyderabad.

The School also actively advocates use of music to facilitate community self care activities and trains the students to use Indian Traditional music practices in the community as a self care measure to reduce stress, increase resilience and also cope with the day-to-day stress and to lead a healthy life. Apart from music therapy courses, the school also runs certificate programs to enable students to participate in music for health and wellness programs in the community they want to serve in the different regions they come from, in India.

CSMT's August  batch of 2022 sessions begin on 13 8 2022


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